Angels are always with us, 24/7 to help and guide us.......

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Links - spiritual & healing
updated 28 Sep. 2020. - a site about Angels, Guides, Healing, Gnomes & more

Serenity Fellowship - a spiritual gathering

Angels Whispers - a site about prayer and whispering to your Angels - with a great healing for your body as well.

SVH - Serenity Vibration Healing - world site for SVH

Spirit - a site about Spirit, Messages from Masters and Spirit and info about Gnomes.

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NEW: Angels Whisper healing about Love and Prayer - click here - an MP3 for 12.5 minutes, opens in a new window.

BOOKS: 6 Angel & Life books by Michael F Bray now available - click here for info - opens in a new window / Copyright 2020 M.F.Bray