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Life Maintenance, a suggestion from SVH

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SVH ~ (Serenity Vibration Healing®) ~ Suggested life maintenance & Self-help,

for clients to experience the principles of neutrality & to uplift & honor your amazing life.

This exercise is a suggestion for you to do for a full seventeen (17) days. 

Now it is your choice how long you do this for - however 17 days is highly recommended.

You may like to do it beyond that timing, so you give yourself a really good workout and you will start to see / feel great benefits in your life and in the lives of people around you.

For the next 17 days from: ______________________To:_____________________

1) Say no-thing negative. No one word - and if you catch yourself saying a negative thing or thinking negative - immediately say or think the trigger word: “Cancel” with the intention to clear the word(s) or thought. Triggers work like the delete button on your computer. To activate this spiritual ‘software’, listen to ‘About’ which will be calibrated to your situation when you hear it and follow the instructions. It is an 8 minute MP3, based on 100% love from the Creator.

2) Do no allow any negative thing or thought from the past to be bought into present or positive conversation. If you catch yourself saying a negative thing or thinking negative - immediately say the trigger word: “Cancel” with the intention to clear the word(s) or thought. Only talk or think about what is current and what is going on in ‘now time’.

3) Do no put any past failure or limitation on anything that has been created or is being created now. If you catch yourself saying a negative thing or thinking negative - immediately say or think the trigger word: “Cancel” with the intention to clear the word(s) or thought.

For example: You are creating a cake - do you put old stale ingredients or rotten eggs into your wonderful cake? No! So what recipe are you using to create today or tomorrow: do you put old ideas, beliefs or negatives words or thoughts into your new recipe; or do you add positive words, ideas, thoughts and possibly body language.

These positive actions, thoughts and words will encourage you to focus on the positive in your life, your work, your relationships and your goals or dreams. These are your keys to monitor yourself, the keys to your life. Enjoy. A suggestion: use only Love & Thanks / Gratitude in life.

** To activate these ‘Trigger’ words - listen to the MP3 file titled ‘Freedom Train’ - click here - opens in new window

OR go to:  and scroll down

Here are some SVH Trigger words to help you in your life: Say these with intention to change or heal  . . . . .

* ALL CLEAR: activates ALL trigger words, over 120 of them.

* Angels Angels Everywhere: get instant help for you, your family, friends, pets or another person or situation.

* Auric Radiance: emanates the Creator's harmony & hues through your aura for 11 minutes: goes out 8m or 25' in all directions *

* Bless: for food and drink. Blesses the source of the food or the animal and heals any pain associated with death of the animal.

* Butterfly: for clearing Random Inner Dialogue (R.I.D) or mind chatter & ego.

* Cancel: cancels anything you thought or said, so no one wears it.

* Describe / just describing: removes/releases anything you or others have said or described.

* Funk Buffer: clears less-dimensional energy, adds buffer and support. 11 minutes ( * if you want this 24/7 ask your God-Self to repeat it.)

* God Help Me: Instant help and massive clearing or 'stuff'. Clears your limits, blocks & RID (Random Inner Dialogue)

* Grounding: stay attached to earth in 'now time', deliberately present.

* Harmony Home: 11 minutes of 6-7 D love infusions & sacred harmony for home, any building or vehicle you are in. *

* I Love Me: for self-love, mutes any limits & doubts. Honour all of your self.

* Judgement: remove / release anything anchoring or supporting judgement, prejudice, favouritism, separation and blocks to seeing a reflection of the Creator in all that is.

* No Offence: for forgiveness & letting go. Restores Love, peace & acceptance for self and others.

* Pain release: clears pain & re-scripts any & all seeds, foundations & formatting adds infusions from Gods Pharmacy (GP) & supports your harmonious, balanced host body.

* Prosperity: covers many aspects of life: reformats all blocks to prosperity.

* Road Bliss: calms enraged people near your property, clears influences & R.I.D.

* Safe: Angelic help with anything that attracts physical harm or imbalance. ArchAngel Michael stands beside you for protection.

* Serenity: relax & create a quiet space - release and rescript R.I.D.

* Sweet Dreams: with AA Michael on all levels of consciousness + relax.

* You are Wonderful: because you are. Say to self or others - it is a gift & receive rays of light & harmony.

* Zen space: 11 minutes of Buddha brain wave, Radiance, inner expansion & peace *

* If you want any trigger that is for 11 minutes to last longer, like for 24/7 - just ask your God-Self to repeat that. *

An idea from the Creator & Jill Marie, founder of SVH; form created by Michael Bray,

a Serenity Vibration Healing® (SVH) Master Practitioner.

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Disclaimer: This page man contain beliefs or ideas from other people. There is no intention to indoctrinate anyone. If this happens, please 'cancel' it and decide what you want or choose to believe.   © J. Marie and M. Bray 2012, 2013, 2017, 2020.

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